"You guys are f—ing awesome. You can put that on your website."

Fortune 100 CMO

Hi, we're Zuzu Digital.

A branding and marketing agency that elicits enthusiastic expletives from our clients.

How do we make it rain f-bombs?
A circle!
We care about your company like it’s our own.
An animated arrow!
An animated arrow!
A circle!
We deliver exceptional work.
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We treat everyone like family

A small agency
with big client street cred

We've done all these things on that list right here!
We've done all these things on that list right here!
built websites used by millions of people created animated videos to help launch household products built brand books for startups pressed the send button on emails announcing historic mergers transformed flat corporate claims into witty and compelling taglines designed marketing automation ecosystems for clients big and small that practically run themselves
A rocket going to the moon! Choo choo! All aboard!!
A rocket going to the moon! Choo choo! All aboard!!
A rocket going to the moon! Choo choo! All aboard!!
A rocket going to the moon! Choo choo! All aboard!!

A few companies we work with

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American Express
CVS Health
Blue Note
Plus a bunch more

We're a team of human swiss-army knives

  • sharp
  • mulitude of tools
  • (you get the metaphor).

It’s why when we asked for quotes for our website from our Fortune 500 clients, we got responses like these:

I’d be lost without Zuzu!

Can I just say...we love you?

You guys are true miracle workers and have saved my butt more times than I can count.

(and, yeah, the one from the top of the page.)

You guys are f*cking awesome. You can put that on your website.

we work

Our model is really simple. We work with companies we believe in and can stand behind. Whether it’s in health care, technology, consumer products, sports, music, you name it - we only take on projects when we believe we can make an impact. Because when we say we care about your company like it’s our own, we mean it.

founders posing in heart sculpture

When you work with Zuzu, you get a team of experts who will help your company find the right path amidst today’s seemingly endless marketing maze.

And because we all work remote (and have for years), you’re not paying the typical agency markup to cover our cushy office or ping-pong table.


A book!

We started Zuzu Digital because as parents of young children, we wanted to spend as much time as possible with our respective families while still creating meaningful work for companies we care about.

Over the past 7 years, we’ve built a core team of strategists, designers, writers, developers, data scientists and marketing experts - most of whom are working parents, too - and we’ve become like a family of our own.

Jonathan hard at work
KJ in gif form
Collage: A modern company

We bring that familial grounding to our longstanding client relationships.

The feedback we get project after project, year after year, is that our clients feel like we’re an extension of their team, and an essential part of their work family.

Another animated arrow!

Zuzu = the record of Tom Brady with the soul of the Brady Bunch

zooming with the whole gang.

Meet the

Co-Founders... and friends!
Jonathan and  Kejal apple picking with the kidds.

Looking to start a
New Project?

A rocket going to the moon! Choo choo! All aboard!!
Ask us if we can do it

Whether you’re a Fortune 100 company, a startup, or somewhere in between, we like to make working with us as low a commitment for you as possible.

No huge retainers required to try us out (but we do those too). It’s how we’ve always done it, and we’re proud to say that 100% of new clients have come back to us for more projects (in most cases, many, many more).

Let’s start with a small project and see if it’s a good fit.